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[Member Spotlight] How a small production sees opportunity in a niche market

Jayine Chung, Founder of Maru Productions and one of SingCham Korea’s Board of Directors speaks about her production business and how she tapped into a niche market offering a different language service in a country that speaks mostly Korean.


Let’s start off with an introduction - could you tell us what Maru Productions is and what does it do?

Maru Productions is a video production service company based in Seoul. We provide a one-stop service for overseas clients looking to film documentaries, corporate videos, branded content, reality shows, and lifestyle programs in South Korea. Our services include local crew hire, location scouting, filming permits, equipment rental, drone pilots, and subtitle transcription and translation. 


Why did you start Maru Productions?

There was an increasing demand for filming in Korea, and a very limited number of companies that could provide English and Mandarin-speaking crew and services to international production houses. I saw the opportunity to tap into a niche market, and that is how Maru Productions started. 


How long has it been since Maru Productions started/launched?

Maru Productions will turn seven this July. 


What were some of your more prominent work(s)?

Our prominent projects include the on-going customer stories we are filming for Microsoft. We have also directed and produced numerous documentaries on societal issues for VICE, and most recently, we filmed branded content videos for The New York Times and Samsung, as well as TikTok. We also provided production support for the global press junkets for Apple TV+’s series, “Dr. Brain '' and “Pachinko”. 


How challenging is it to be working in the entertainment industry in Korea?

With the growth in global demand for more content from Korea, there are new production service companies emerging rapidly, and the challenge is not only to be aware of what our competitors are offering, but also in keeping up with the latest technology and trends of the industry. 


What are you looking forward to this year or what can we look forward to this year from Maru Productions - if there isn't any embargoed information, please share them with us.

We have just signed a deal for a project with Amazon Web Services, and with travel restrictions being lifted worldwide, Maru Productions is excited to welcome a surge of new clients this year. 


What does being part of SingCham Korea mean for Maru Productions? 

Being a part of SingCham Korea for Maru Productions means forging new, long-lasting partnerships with businesses in Singapore and Korea, and offering our expertise in whichever way we can for the benefit of society and the environment. 


How can you benefit from it?

Maru Productions hopes to expand our distinguished corporate clientele through SingCham Korea’s networking events. 


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