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SingCham Korea at the Seoul Bar & Spirit Show 2022

SingCham Korea at 2022 Seoul Bar & Spirit Show

SingCham Korea was at the Seoul Bar & Spirit Show 2022 last week where we showcased Singapore snacks by two of our members - Ooh Korea and Aroma Truffles.

One of our members, DnP Spirits was also at the same show, with their Naked Malt blended malt scotch whisky!

We'd like to thank everyone who dropped by to say hi and taste our Singapore snacks while sampling some drinks, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves!

The Seoul Bar and Spirit Show aims to expand the bar culture and the liquor market’s quickly evolving trends, bringing together a variety of spirits in one place in a professional exhibition in Korea.


About our members

Ooh Mala

Started since 2018 and founded by Singaporean Gervor Quek with an idea that came out during a regular family dinner that serves authentic Szechuan food.

Although mala hotpot only started in the 19th century, this new sensation stormed the world over the past decade and now, mala is no longer an unfamiliar cuisine in todayʼs market.

Ooh Mala serves to give consumers an authentic mala taste in everyday snacks and it has become Singaporeans' favourite mala snack!


Aroma Truffle

Aroma Truffle was then founded with one powerful vision: to bring the authentic taste of Italy to the rest of the world. 

A team of passionate individuals, Aroma Truffle strives for and challenges norms in the pursuit of quality and innovation. We do it all in order to serve up sophisticated, yet consistently delicious products that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. 

Aroma Truffle is made by passionate people for passionate people, with a taste for sophistication.


DnP Spirits (Naked Malt)

Naked Malt is a blended malt scotch whisky blended with 3 single malts from distinguished distilleries, the Macallan, Highland Park, and the Glenrothes.

Our whisky is extra-aged in the first fill sherry cask to enhance the taste of the whisky which is the most essential feature of whisky, delivering rich and balanced flavour.

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