Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

Dear Valued Supporters and Members,

A very warm welcome to our site!

This year marks the start of our efforts towards establishing an official Singapore Chamber of Commerce in Korea, and I am proud and excited to be part of the founding executive board of directors (Founding Exco).

It has been a difficult two years for all of us due to the COVID 19 pandemic, both on a personal level, and also for businesses.

Many may have looked at these two years as the worst of times to push for a start of any kind, so why are we establishing a chamber of commerce now?

But it is precisely because we are in turbulent times that our founding exco believes that this is an opportune time to build a chamber that will provide new opportunities and better collaborations…

And that it can function as a hub for Singapore and Korea businesses to come together and support each other through this challenging period.

Thus, instead of allowing this pandemic to halt our endeavours, we chose to have it spur us towards realising our goals instead.

Since May 2021, the Founding Exco has been hard at work planning, meeting, reaching out and organising activities to build a solid foundation for the chamber.

We are very thankful for the strong support thus far from the Singapore government agencies, the government linked companies, and the many companies from the private sector. We will continue to foster stronger relationships and arrange activities in-line with insights from them.

Looking beyond the horizon, as markets start to recover, we aim to grow our core management team, our overall membership, and to gain an official status as a non-profit in Korea.

In terms of networking and events, we will carefully tread local regulations, beginning with smaller group activities whilst targeting to hosting larger networking sessions once conditions allow for them.

Through these steps, we aim to further increase the chambers’ profile, enhance the benefits to all our members, and more effectively bridge the gap between potential Korean companies looking to venture into Singapore and vice versa.

The Chamber is only at the beginning of our journey, and we need your support to make it a success. So get involved, stay engaged, spread the news, and let’s grow our community together!

Our team of enthusiastic, diverse, and multi-talented exco, volunteers and I will continue to add to the development of the chamber and the expansion of its events and services to all our members.

I am excited for the future and eagerly looking forward to working with all of you towards your successes.

Thank you!

singchamkorea chairman justin yong signature

Justin Yong
Chairperson, Singapore Chamber of Commerce in Korea​

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SG Ambassador's Message

As the patron to SingCham Korea, Mr Eric Teo has played an integral role providing support to the chamber.

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