Board of Directors

Justin Yong |

Justin is a serial entrepreneur that has had experiences setting up businesses in multiple countries and working with many companies from startups that have grown to multi-million dollar companies like Aftershockpc and Rent Tycoons, to large corporations like Microsoft, Singapore Airlines, Samsung, CJ Group, Millennium Hilton Seoul and Keppel Group.

He currently oversees ongoing businesses in both Singapore and Korea and strongly advocates the usage of systems, tech and talents to ensure his businesses are advancing with the times.

Jasmine Lee |

From her beginnings in private banking at UBS to equity trading in a family office, Jasmine's journey led her to her entrepreneurial venture in South Korea in 2013. Presently, Jasmine takes the lead at Catching Clicks Korea, dedicated to empowering international and local businesses to achieving global digital success, and concurrently overseeing her travel business which continues to operate with the same passion and dedication that sparked its creation.

Sonny Sunghoon Im |

Sonny Sunghoon Im is co-chair of International Practice Group of DR&AJU who mainly focuses on cross-border corporate transactions, M&As, dispute resolutions and in/outbound investments in particular. Sonny has also been acting as external counselor of the Ministry of Justice of Korea on International Investment Disputes since 2014.

Fairoz Leonard D’Cruz |

Fairoz has always had a passion for sharing knowledge. That drive to inspire others has led him to a 10-year career in education working with the IB, AP, and GCSE curriculums for Science in five countries. The transition to school management as an administrator has allowed him to experience the daily operations of running an international school while meeting key stakeholders expectations.

Jayine Chung |

Jayine is a multilingual entrepreneur with over 15 years of professional experience in the TV and live entertainment industry. She directs and produces documentaries, reality shows, and corporate videos for clients such as VICE, HBO, CNA, Google, Microsoft and in January 2021, she safely and successfully presented a Broadway musical concert in South Korea.

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