MarComm Committee

Mission Statement

The committee is responsible for brand management, and works on maximising the Chamber’s ability to reach out to members, the business community, and government entities via various marketing channels such as newsletters, social media, and marketing collaterals at events.

Committee members will focus on supporting members by sharing best practices in the field of marketing and communications, covering a diverse range of activities including advertising, brand management, market research, communications, and sales.

The Marketing Communications Committee’s mission is to create positive awareness of the Chamber through strategic branding by:

  • Enhancing the Chamber’s visibility in the community to attract new members
  • Promoting Chamber initiatives, events, opportunities, and benefits
  • Developing marketing and media plans, as well as consulting on all promotional efforts
  • Acting as a liaison between members and the Chamber
  • Providing members with opportunities for learning, growth and promotion



The Marketing Communications Committee activities are centred on the following topics:

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Cultural-based marketing
  • Marketing trends in the digital age
  • Learning to communicate with your target audience

Committee Members

Amylia Zainal |

Amylia has always been passionate about writing, which led her to pursue a degree in Communications, and build a career doing what she loves most. Her experience spans across industry - having worked in government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector. She is currently the Community Operations Manager at Contents First Inc., where she promotes Korean webtoons to an international audience.

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