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Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement

1. Collecting and Using Personal Information

The Singapore Chamber of Commerce in Korea (“SingCham Korea”) is required to collect and use personal information of its members to be able to provide them with the benefits and services pursuant to their membership registration.

2. Types of Personal Information and Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • Mandatory Information
    • Individuals: name, title, address, contact number, and email address
    • Companies: name, name of representative director, business registration number, type of entity, business activities, address, and contact number
  • Optional Information
    • Individuals: date of birth, citizenship, and others
    • Companies: email address, website, fax number, number of expatriates, and others
  • Purpose of Collection
    • Email address: updates on SingCham Korea meetings, events, and other necessary information
    • Address and mobile phone: delivery of periodicals, and due invoices

3. Retaining and Destroying Personal Information

The personal information a member provides to SingCham Korea shall be stored and retained in a safe and confidential manner until the member’s consent to collect, use, store and retain the personal information is withdrawn, in which event SingCham Korea shall immediately destroy any such personal information provided by the member in a secure manner. However, please note that this will result in termination of SingCham Korea membership.

4. Editing Personal Information

Members are required to register and keep up-to-date their personal information. Members may, at any time, edit and delete their personal information by logging into the SingCham Korea website, or by contacting SingCham Korea at

5. Membership Fees

Membership fees may be adjusted from time to time. In the event of any changes to the membership fees, members shall be notified by SingCham of such changes via email at least one (1) month before such changes take effect. Upon registration of the personal information and full payment of the membership fees, a member’s membership shall become effective and will last for 1 year. All payments for membership fees are non-refundable under any circumstances, and the membership fees may be adjusted due to price increases or any other reasons as may be determined by SingCham Korea.

Membership Application

If you are not our member yet, please register here.

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