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Jasmine Lee - 


Director / 

Catching Clicks


From her beginnings in private banking at UBS to equity trading in a family office, Jasmine's journey led her to take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship.

Embarking on a quest for new horizons, Jasmine found herself in South Korea back in 2013, initially seeking nothing more than a relaxing holiday. Little did she know that this would become the birthplace of her entrepreneurial journey, despite her initial language barrier.

Her first steps into the business world began with the establishment of a travel company focused on inbound tourists. Subsequently, she recognised a potential for growth in the digital industry in Korea and forged a strong partnership with Catching Clicks, a web development company headquartered in Singapore with a decade-long track record.

Their shared vision revolves around expanding Catching Clicks' footprint in the Korean market, and empowering both international and local enterprises to achieve global digital success.

Presently, Jasmine takes the lead at Catching Clicks Korea, driving its vision of digital success, while simultaneously overseeing her travel business which continues to operate with the same passion and dedication that sparked its creation.

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