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Justin Yong - 


CEO & Managing Director / 

Real Escape Challenge & Catching Clicks Pte Ltd


Justin is a serial entrepreneur and an avid real estate investor. He currently oversees several different businesses in Singapore and Korea including an EscapeRoom Company, an Events Company and a Web System Development Company in Singapore.

Justin has experienced setting up and running more than 10 businesses in over 5 countries, both remotely and onsite and he focuses on structuring and building systems, leveraging technology, utilizing culture, and securing talents to achieve successes in his ventures.

Justin's notable Companies:

- Catching Clicks Pte Ltd / Singapore / Managing Director
- Real Escape Challenge / South Korea / CEO
- SnapTagStudio / South Korea / President

About Catching Clicks Pte Ltd
Justin started his first business, Catching Clicks Pte Ltd (CC) more than a decade ago in Singapore in 2010 and the company is still going strong today.

CC’s main focus is on building Custom Web Application & Systems targeted at helping companies to improve operational efficiency and productivity (e.g. Inventory management systems, CRMs, ERMs, etc).

As a secondary focus, CC also functions as an online web agency that can assist companies with web development, online marketing, branding design and hosting, along with advisory and consultancy services in those areas.

Some of CC’s more interesting collaborations include with Microsoft, Samsung and Keppel to some famous home-grown Singapore brands like AftershockPC and Renttycoons and government bodies like Spring Singapore.
Latest developments in 2021 for CC are targeted at expansion via venturing their Agency specific services into South Korea.

About Real Escape Challenge
In 2016, Justin ventured his first business into South Korea by starting Real Escape Challenge (REC) - an “Offline Escape Room Business” that allows participants to engage in exciting and adventurous themed games with the intent to escape a locked/trapped scenario by working together to solve riddles and puzzles before time runs out.

REC was the first company to introduce escape room games into Korea, and at that time, the “Escape Room business” was something totally new to the country.

REC started an amazing trend for escape games and managed to achieve an extremely successful business launch even collaboraing with CJ group and CGV in the process.

Since then, many new competitors have entered the market, but REC is still going strong with their efforts to differentiate themselves via providing English games, engaging themes and great service.

Most recently, REC is receiving more investment enquires thus they are exploring further expansion and local franchising.

About SnapTag Studio
In 2018 Justin founded a new social media/event business in South Korea called SnapTag Studio (STS).

SnapTagStudio (STS) is a Social Media Marketing Event company that focuses on using the latest event-based technology for all kinds of events with the aim to support clients to deliver unique and memorable experiences to their guests whilst also expanding the client’s social media outreach.

STS’s flagship product is an on-site Instagram photo printing service, and they also cover some customized event-based services like e-registration systems and self-interactive Kiosks.

Their most recent events are with Singapore Airlines, Millennium Hilton Seoul, the French Chamber of Commerce in Korea's gala dinner and the Singapore Embassy's annual reception.

STS is further exploring new age products and their latest product involves NFC technology with business cards to enable new age networking for clients.

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